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The next best thing since sliced bread

I still remember the weekend I met my future in-laws.  My husband and I were dating and I was traveling to his hometown with him for the weekend.  We were making the trip there because I had a college friend having her wedding shower (my college friends being from his hometown and me not meeting him at college – that’s another blog post).

His dad, my future father-in-law, had made homemade bread.  It was really good.  The kind of really good that on the drive to their house the second time I asked “do you think your dad will have homemade bread again?”  

And over the next couple of years I continued to ask that same question.  I guess I’m a slow learner.  This wasn’t a phase of his father’s where one day we would visit and *gasp* we would be served regular store-bought sliced bread.  

His father bakes bread.  He doesn’t sell it but he does SHARE it.

This story began back in 1997 and lucky for me, 15 years later there is still homemade bread.  After we had children, the kids took to calling it Grandpa Seed bread.  

My 12 year old daughter is quite the cook.  She has shown an interest in Grandpa Seed bread a few times, but she’s just now getting old enough to really be able to manage it on her own.  She is feeding the starter, baking the bread and now, most importantly, she’s sharing the bread.


At mass this past weekend, it was announced that before Holy Thursday mass there would be a soup and bread dinner for anyone who would like to attend.  She asked on the car ride home if she could make bread to donate for the meal.  I assumed the answer would be yes, checked with the coordinator, and was thrilled when the answer was both a  yes and ‘wow, that’s exciting!’

What have I learned: there is something better than sliced bread: Grandpa Seed bread.  A tradition handed down from one generation to the next and SHARED with those you love the most.




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How 5 Pounds of Sugar is good for you…..

We just returned from Spring Break.  A split weekend trip between Nashville, TN and Auburn, AL.  We ventured south to visit family who have recently moved to Auburn.  It’s an understatement to say that my kids were thrilled about visiting an SEC campus.  We gave ourselves a tour of facilities – you know, walk around and act like you are supposed to be there.

This gave us access to the football field, the baseball diamond, the pool deck of the Natatorium and the basketball coliseum.  It was quite an adventure.

For those of you who follow college football, I’m sure that you are familiar with Toomer’s Corner on the northeast corner of campus, a drugstore opened in 1896 that serves it’s famous fresh squeezed lemonade and hand dipped ice cream.

Toomer's Lemonade

A quick google search gave me the generally accepted recipe for Toomer’s Famous Lemonade.  After reading the recipe, I have decided that this a unique exception to the healthy lifestyle that we all crave – a time when there is an argument that 5 lbs. of sugar is actually GOOD FOR  YOU!

Here is what I learned: 5 lbs of sugar is good for you when it evokes tradition, brings together generations and creates lasting memories of family vacations.  It’s good for you when it has it’s own Twitter Account and Facebook page and Live Webcam to stay connected to your memories.


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