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Concession Stand Duty

The dreaded concession stand.  The even more dreaded concession stand volunteer duty.  

This past Saturday my husband and I took our turn working the concession stand at our kids’ school for a one hour shift – noon to one o’clock.  You could argue this is a really difficult time of day for parents.  It’s lunch time – the time when most of their kids are typically in that same cafeteria/gym space eating lunch –  and they are hungry.  But, it was certainly interesting to think about what people were using either as lunch food or a snack until they could get home for lunch.

Let me start by saying – I hate the concession stand.  So perhaps I’m biased.  But, I can’t figure out how we are okay with just junk – just junk – for our kids and ourselves.  

This concession stand is no different from others.  It offers hot dogs, the walking taco (let me know if you need info on this!), nachos and cheese, popcorn, candy and drinks – bottled water and all varieties of sugary stuff.

I’m going to give two polar examples of what I saw:

1) grandma (over 60) purchased two bags of popcorn – $1.00 total

2) 5th grade girl (probably weighing 60 pounds) – one bag of popcorn, one Coke (2 serving size), Hershey bar, Chips Ahoy package, golden Oreo package, and Sour Nerd sticks (I think that’s what they are called)- $4.50 total

Now, I realize I don’t know all the details.  Let’s hope the young girl was buying for her whole family.  But, here is what she essentially bought 1) 139 grams of sugar and 2) 1,050 calories – for only $4.50.

We all say that we care about childhood obesity.  We all want healthy food and a healthier lifestyle for our family.  You could argue that the concession stand is a treat – albeit an every other day sort of treat anymore.  

But, my argument is that we are just lazy.  Or, we are worried about losing the precious income the concession stand generates at the cost of obese and unhealthy children.

Here’s what I’ve learned: although I may be the finance person on the athletic committee, it’s my responsibility to voice my concern and drive change to the concession stand.

Here are some two resources that I’ve found.  Send me more suggestions please!


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