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Using SNAP benefits and Public Transportation to shop

You’d think I hadn’t shopped in a month – not a week.

Monday was grocery day and I visited two stores that are accessible by public transportation (although reading these maps has proven difficult – I have tried to include the bus route):

Aldi on E Washington Street (8 Bus – IndyGo) and Walmart on Emerson Ave (16 Bus – IndyGo).  

If I am reading the Eligible Food Items list correctly on the SNAP website, there were only two purchases that I made that do not qualify: paper towels and a bouquet of flowers (a rare treat for myself!)

My purchase at Aldi totaled of $130.79.  That means that $124.31 was eligible.

At Walmart, I spent $155.45 with $68.94 being groceries that are SNAP eligible.

So, my total SNAP spending was $193.25.

This will feed my family of 5 for the next week:

35 breakfasts, 37 lunches and 25 dinners 

This only works for me because I have made a conscious effort to meal plan, read labels and try not to pass along my chocolate cravings to my kids (so far – not working).

I purchased 8 fruits and vegetables and 13 protein items that could be used as the main dish in meals.  And as you all have seen, we are a snacking family too – so there are plenty of cookies, granola bars, chips, etc in there too.

Help me to help others learn to meal plan, eat healthier and use their SNAP benefits wisely.  


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Preaching to the Choir

If you are reading this, I would bet a week’s groceries, that you:

1 – have access to an automobile

2 – have either (but probably both) a stove or refrigerator

3 – have not had to skip a meal over the past week because you had no groceries or no access to food

So, although I love you followers, I’m afraid that I’ve been preaching to the choir.

See, I’ve spent the morning being agitated by a column written by IndyStar Columnist Erika D. Smith that I read this morning.  I’m not mad at her, I’m not mad at the IndyStar, and I’m not mad at you.  

I’m mad at me.  For not realizing that there is a whole community of people who I really need to be helping.

I shopped today and spent $146 on food for the week and have a great meal plan too (we are finally back on a schedule now that summer break is over).  

I bought items for school lunches, I bought some fast food for at home – like frozen pizzas and hotdogs, I bought some junk – like fruit snacks, brownie mix, prepackaged individual cookie packs, and I bought TONS of fresh fruits and veggies.


Aren’t I awesome?  Well, really, not so much.  

I had a car to drive to two different stores and load up seven bags (plus a case of water, 3 gallons of milk, 2 containers of apple juice and some other random large items).

I have both a stove and refrigerator at home. The oven and all five burners work on my stove.  And I actually have two refrigerators for storing food.  I have an entire closet to store pantry items.

I can’t remember the last time anyone here had to skip a meal.  For heaven’s sake, all we do is eat.

There is nothing special about my story.  

I’m mad at me.  I should help solve a real problem.  Is the long-term answer for part of the population to give food to a pantry and part of the population to get food from a pantry?  I think it probably isn’t.

I need to focus on helping people getting the resources they need and the education they are missing to make real change in their diets.

Here’s what I’ve learned: I need your help to get started.  Will you help point me towards organizations that could use my help?  Will you brainstorm with me?  Will you share what I’ve shared here with you today?




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