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Step 2 – divide your days

The next part of the planning it to get into a routine. 

Our routine is that we go out once a week and we try to limit drive-thru stops to twice a week.  That leaves four days of cooking.

Two of those days still have to be quick meals or something people can eat at different times and two of those days are sit-down family dinners.

Start to plan a grocery list (in your head, just when you’re driving and thinking about it).  Don’t worry about writing anything down yet.

You are really only going to need 8 meals that your family eats well – 2 a week for a month and then you start over.

The next post will teach you how to take all of this thought and really make that grocery list and start making a change in your habits.

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Winging It

It’s not really summer – so watermelon doesn’t sound good.  But, it’s not really fall – so sweet potatoes don’t sound good either.  We are struggling with getting three kids to all activities – it’s a logistical nightmare around here.

Then it’s homework, bath and bed.

WAIT – I forgot about dinner!

That’s right – FORGOT!


What to make?  When to make it?  Do we eat at 4:30 before practice or 8:30 after?  Neither sounds like the right choice.  Or maybe it’s a half meal or not really a meal – just a heavy snack at each time.

Is this where you find yourself during football, cross country, and soccer season?

We’ve decided that our family meal must be looked at from a different angle during this time of year.  

The goal is one weekend sit-down dinner.  Through the week we opt for three sit-down breakfasts with hot food and conversation.  If we get a sit-down hot dinner through the week – BONUS!

The rest of the time – we’re winging it!

Here’s what I’ve learned: we won’t starve.

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