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Step 4 – fruits and veggies

OK – we are nearing the end of the plan.

We have already worked on a schedule, divided our days and picked our proteins.

This is the next crucial step: fruits & veggies.


I really harp on fruits and veggies throughout the course of my blog.  And here is no different.  In order to eat more fruits and vegetables, you MUST BUY more fruits and vegetables.  If you aren’t currently in the habit of buying these, it will seem expensive and you will worry about waste.

Here are two ways to circumvent those fears:

1 – buy most of your vegetables frozen 

2 – buy most of your fruits fresh – and buy alot of just a few varieties

Your weekly goal should be two sit-down dinners a week, two quick dinners a week and two nights where you stop at fast-food but provide sides at home.

That makes 6 meals to prep for multiplied by the number of people in your family = the number of servings you need.

For example: 6*5 = 30 servings for my family.

Here’s how I would reach that:

one bag of apples (10 servings)

one bunch of bananas (7 servings)

two pints of strawberries (4 servings)

pre-cut and washed lettuce (2 servings)

one package frozen corn (4 servings)

one package frozen brocolli (4 servings)

one package baby carrots (4 servings)


Step 4 – Fruits & Veggies

Last Step – in the final blog post in this series, we will shop together


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Step 1 – keep track of your schedule

I’ve had quite a few people interested in the weekly meal plan.  These first few weeks I’m going to share my meal plan with them – but I’m going to share the quick steps to getting there by yourself here in the blog.

Step 1 – literally grab a pen/paper and chicken scratch your schedule out

Here’s what mine looks like..



You probably can’t even read mine.  

You might wonder what “R” means.

In college, the university had just moved to scheduling classes by phone.  Since Tuesday and Thursday both started with “T” and therefore would be the same number on the touch tone phone, they labeled Thursday classes as “R”.  It stuck with me.

So, write down what you’re doing and look to see what nights you need a quick meal and what nights you will be home to cook something.

Step 2 – coming soon…….


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