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S/He won’t eat anything

I’m relieved again today.  After coffee out with some fellow mothers of elementary school age children, I have learned that every family does have THAT ONE KID – you know him/her, the one who refuses to eat anything you prepare.

I’ve decided to focus on what the child will eat – rather than what he won’t.

Good foods –

anything carb (which makes breakfast time easy),

anything from the pig (pork, sausage and bacon),

random fruits and veggies – apples, grapes, watermelon, bananas, carrot sticks, corn and broccoli

also some other proteins – cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs (scrambled only please)

Bad foods –

everything else

But wait, if you look at that good food  list, there are alot of positives on it.  His tastes will expand, keep making him try things and trudge on.  I don’t know if we’ll still be writing/reading blogs when he is a 6 foot tall 16 year-old, but I guess that if we are – this old post will CRACK US UP!

What I learned?  RELAX

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