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By the numbers – Past and Present


A few thoughts about last year’s numbers surrounding The Great Purge.

My first thought is – how in the world does our household of five compare to the ‘average’ household?             Do others keep track of expenses like this?  Is our spending reasonable?

I compared our spending to a chart published by the USDA that shows prices by person, by age based on a low-budget to liberal spending allowance.  According to this chart, we are living a moderate spending allowance on food.

Considering that we eat out less than once a week for dinner and my husband works from home so we eat out for lunch one or two days a week only – and my kids pack their lunches to school — I’m going to call this chart unrealistic.  (but interested in your opinions!)

Based on last year’s numbers: we spend about $1225 a month of all food (groceries and eating out).  

By week, we spend about $280 per week.

I’m interested if there are other ‘numbers’ people out there who track their expenses to this detail.  Real peers who can share with me if what I’m spending is reasonable.


Since the start of the year, we have spent $143.82 on groceries and $131.55 eating out.

That’s from January 1st through January 9th.

But, during those 10 days, we have eaten the equivalent of 150 meals = 5 people x 3 meals per day x 10 days.

So $275.37 / 150 meals = $1.84 per person / per meal



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