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I’ve never blogged in order to only share content of another blog.

But this is worth it.  I’m a lover of a snack just like everyone else – but as this blog post points out – it’s never just ‘one’.


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Let’s Be Honest

I’ve been struggling with my latest post about packing the cooler full of healthy items.  

“Why?” – you ask.

Well, it seems a bit misleading – a bit ‘high and mighty’.  It implies we are the epitome of health around this house.  And, although I PUSH HARD the saying ‘something healthy first’, I think I’m giving the impression that we aren’t sweets or junk food eaters around here.  

So, I feel the need to come clean.  Honestly, almost weekly there is a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies made in this house.  And, bad things are happening too.  I use real butter.  I use the ice cream scoop to make them (bigger) rather than my cookie scoop (tiny!).


At about four dozen per batch, that comes to 48 cookies per week * 52 weeks * 10 years or so – you get the picture.  Tens of thousands of cookies consumed!

But it doesn’t stop at that.  Ask Grandma (or maybe more accurately Grandpa) and they’ll tell you that my kids’ favorite cookies, even beating out Grandma’s homemade chocolate chips, are the “Black Cookie”.  The infamous – the Oreo.  


We are no better, and arguably worse, than any other family when it comes to cookie consumption.

What Have I Learned –

1 – homemade cookies are easier to make the more often you make them (the recipe is memorized)

2 – homemade cookies seem healthier than store bought (no scientific evidence to prove this, but I can pronounce and purchase myself all the ingredients in them) 

3 – a cookie now and then – or even a couple dozen every week – when balanced out with a healthy dose of fruits and veggies – doesn’t make me feel bad

4 – It feels best to Be Honest!

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Fruits and Veggies

You can’t read much anymore – from a fashion magazine to the local newspaper – without seeing something about eating more fruits and veggies.  These articles all give good suggestions, but I think that they miss the two most important points:

1) you almost HAVE to eat at home more to incorporate more fruits and veggies – really, how often do you see a side of broccoli as a choice on a restaurant menu (especially fast food)

2) you have to start at the grocery store; you can’t wait until mealtime to think about adding an additional fruit or veggie to a meal – it’s too late – you don’t have enough around

I offer two easy suggestions here:

1) start counting the number of different kinds of fruits and veggies that you put in your cart during a weekly grocery trip;  when I first started this trick, I typically had seven to nine.  Usually they were 1- bananas 2- apples 3- strawberries 4- orange juice 5- broccoli 6- frozen corn and a couple more here or there based on the season.

Now, I typically have 18-20.  I’m convinced it’s just because I’m paying more attention.  Today it was 1- apples 2- strawberries 3- orange juice 4- cranberry juice 5- dried cranberries 6- tomatoes 7- grape tomatoes 8- grapes 9- pineapple 10- watermelon 11- frozen corn 12- frozen green beans 13- cucumber 14- romaine lettuce 15- spinach 16- colored peppers 17- peaches 18- broccoli 19- red onions 20-peaches 21-lemons

2) replace a starch on your plate with a fruit or vegetable, usually in the form of a salad;  my hubby and kids are huge exercisers, but me – not so much; i have found that if I take out the rice or potato or pasta and replace it with a small salad right on my plate, I’m adding typically two servings of vegetables

What have I learned?  COUNT your fruits and veggies, BUT do it as you shop not as you eat


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Bit by bit

Today on Twitter I ran across this:

  • I love things that get me thinking.  I suddenly realized that change – both positive and negative – really does happen bit by bit.  And this particularly applies to food choice.  This campaign doesn’t ask you to do anything but select ONE thing to change – and that change is small.

    I chose to add ONE fruit and veggie for each family member each day.

    And, I chose to make 1/2 of MY plate fruits and veggies.

    What does this teach me?  I can’t change the world overnight.  But I can start by changing one thing.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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