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Step 4 – fruits and veggies

OK – we are nearing the end of the plan.

We have already worked on a schedule, divided our days and picked our proteins.

This is the next crucial step: fruits & veggies.


I really harp on fruits and veggies throughout the course of my blog.  And here is no different.  In order to eat more fruits and vegetables, you MUST BUY more fruits and vegetables.  If you aren’t currently in the habit of buying these, it will seem expensive and you will worry about waste.

Here are two ways to circumvent those fears:

1 – buy most of your vegetables frozen 

2 – buy most of your fruits fresh – and buy alot of just a few varieties

Your weekly goal should be two sit-down dinners a week, two quick dinners a week and two nights where you stop at fast-food but provide sides at home.

That makes 6 meals to prep for multiplied by the number of people in your family = the number of servings you need.

For example: 6*5 = 30 servings for my family.

Here’s how I would reach that:

one bag of apples (10 servings)

one bunch of bananas (7 servings)

two pints of strawberries (4 servings)

pre-cut and washed lettuce (2 servings)

one package frozen corn (4 servings)

one package frozen brocolli (4 servings)

one package baby carrots (4 servings)


Step 4 – Fruits & Veggies

Last Step – in the final blog post in this series, we will shop together


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You Want Fr*** With That

Vacation – a weekend away!  Can you believe it had been over two years since my husband and I went away for the weekend without kids?  I can.  It sure felt like it.

My gracious parents came over for the weekend to watch the kids and away we went – Friday morning through Sunday night.  We chose Nashville, TN.  Close enough to drive too – far enough away…

Of course, I researched local craft breweries and locally-owned restaurants and we talked with friends about things to do.

We traveled through Louisville on the way down, stopping downtown for lunch.  We ate at the Bluegrass Brewing Company for lunch – mainly because I LOVE their Bourbon Barrel Stout beer.


Realizing it was the start of a long weekend of eating out – WHICH I LOVE – I also knew it was a long weeend with not many healthy choices.  So, I chose to have the ultimate veggie sandwich.  It was a portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper and fried green tomato sandwich.  It was yummy.  So were the fries.

Then on to Nashville it was.  We had dinner at a local cafe where songwriters perform – The BlueBird Cafe – thanks to a friend’s suggestion.  We heard Arlos Smith sing the Rascal Flatts song he wrote “Mayberry“.  Needless to say – I was loving it.

But, again, dinner.  It was just a cafe.  So a club sandwich and fries.  I decided to order the veggie basket appetizer – $6 for a few raw carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and broccoli.

The next day was more of the same.  A trip through the Tennessee State Museum to see a John Mellencamp art display,  Below is one of his many portrait oil based paintings we saw on display.


a visit to the Nashville Farmer’s Market (always a must for me – to include a trip to the local Farmer’s Market) and a visit to local breweries Yazoo and Jackalope.

So – enough already of my weekend away.   You don’t really want to hear every meal I ate or every place I went.  But, it’s crazy to think back on it.

The main option at meals was “You Want Fries With That”.

I worked hard to incorporate local and fresh – a trip to a farmer’s market, a veggie burger at lunch, fruit and yogurt on the free breakfast at the hotel.

Yet when I got home and wrote it down – not counting Fries as a veggie – I ate seven fruits and vegetables.  Not 7 a day – 7 over three days.  General accepted recommendations per day for moderately active adults is 5 per day.

What I learned:  Menus should read “You Want Fruit with That”

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