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Fruits and Veggies

You can’t read much anymore – from a fashion magazine to the local newspaper – without seeing something about eating more fruits and veggies.  These articles all give good suggestions, but I think that they miss the two most important points:

1) you almost HAVE to eat at home more to incorporate more fruits and veggies – really, how often do you see a side of broccoli as a choice on a restaurant menu (especially fast food)

2) you have to start at the grocery store; you can’t wait until mealtime to think about adding an additional fruit or veggie to a meal – it’s too late – you don’t have enough around

I offer two easy suggestions here:

1) start counting the number of different kinds of fruits and veggies that you put in your cart during a weekly grocery trip;  when I first started this trick, I typically had seven to nine.  Usually they were 1- bananas 2- apples 3- strawberries 4- orange juice 5- broccoli 6- frozen corn and a couple more here or there based on the season.

Now, I typically have 18-20.  I’m convinced it’s just because I’m paying more attention.  Today it was 1- apples 2- strawberries 3- orange juice 4- cranberry juice 5- dried cranberries 6- tomatoes 7- grape tomatoes 8- grapes 9- pineapple 10- watermelon 11- frozen corn 12- frozen green beans 13- cucumber 14- romaine lettuce 15- spinach 16- colored peppers 17- peaches 18- broccoli 19- red onions 20-peaches 21-lemons

2) replace a starch on your plate with a fruit or vegetable, usually in the form of a salad;  my hubby and kids are huge exercisers, but me – not so much; i have found that if I take out the rice or potato or pasta and replace it with a small salad right on my plate, I’m adding typically two servings of vegetables

What have I learned?  COUNT your fruits and veggies, BUT do it as you shop not as you eat


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S/He won’t eat anything

I’m relieved again today.  After coffee out with some fellow mothers of elementary school age children, I have learned that every family does have THAT ONE KID – you know him/her, the one who refuses to eat anything you prepare.

I’ve decided to focus on what the child will eat – rather than what he won’t.

Good foods –

anything carb (which makes breakfast time easy),

anything from the pig (pork, sausage and bacon),

random fruits and veggies – apples, grapes, watermelon, bananas, carrot sticks, corn and broccoli

also some other proteins – cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs (scrambled only please)

Bad foods –

everything else

But wait, if you look at that good food  list, there are alot of positives on it.  His tastes will expand, keep making him try things and trudge on.  I don’t know if we’ll still be writing/reading blogs when he is a 6 foot tall 16 year-old, but I guess that if we are – this old post will CRACK US UP!

What I learned?  RELAX

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