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Where have you been?

That’s what I’ve been hearing alot lately.

So, guess where I”ve been???  Working!

It’s true — after 12 years home with my kids, I’ve gone back to work.  And, I’ve been trying to ‘walk the walk’ not just ‘big talk’ about how to feed a family (at home not in the drive-thru) while working.  

The goal was to share this struggle, but honestly, I’ve been way too busy.

Now don’t start thinking that I’ve got it all figured out and that I’m currently not busy (it’s the holiday season, right) – but for some reason, I’m inspired to share today.  So, I’ll give a short synopsis on ‘Where I have been lately!”

I started a part-time job programming and doing data conversion and new customer training at a start-up software company called AppealTrack.  It’s founder is a long time friend of mine who I originally met while interning during college.  I’m not sure I would’ve applied for this job had I seen it as a random job opening — it would’ve seemed beyond my comfort zone in terms of work experience — but the training has been outstanding and the experience has been awesome.  I’m truly loving it!  And, more importantly, it’s extremely flexible — which has been exactly what the family needed as I transitioned back to work.

Honestly, the family nearly starved during my first three weeks working.  We don’t eat out – we just don’t.  So that wasn’t a fall back for us.  So, when mom doesn’t get to the grocery and she doesn’t meal plan — we all just wander around like crazy, hungry people and eat whatever we can throw together.  (These results did not get us Great Purge caliber dinners – to say the least).

But, now, after three months, I’m in a routine.  We do eat out once a week now, but I am in a regular meal planning and grocery shopping pattern.  It’s not what it used to be, but it’s working for now.

And, finally, a teaser….. As we all know, The Great Purge Vol 3 looms just around the corner.  So be assured that I’m not stock piling the pantry.  In fact, my prediction is that based on the past couple of months, this purge will last a much shorter time than previous years.  But, you never know — that pantry is the size of a closet, literally!

Here’s what I’ve learned:  I can still do this.  It takes more coordination, more energy and especially more help from the family (which they have stepped right up to give).  I hope you continue the journey with me!



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You can call me anything you want – just don’t call me late to dinner

My parents were both teachers.  This meant we were all on the same schedule.  Our day started and ended at basically the same time.  We also had the same vacation days.

Because I went to public school, sports practices were always held directly after the end of the school day.  This made it easy to plan most dinners (at least dinners on practice nights).  I guess my mom might argue that there were lots of crazy nights.  But, I hope it makes her feel better to know that I only remember that dinnertime was 6:00.

So, we do what we know, right?  I assumed that dinnertime would be 6:00 in my house.  But, we are definitely in a different situation.   My kids sports are randomly scheduled and rarely right after school.  

To put it mildly, dinnertime varies.

It’s hard for me who likes structure to realize that some nights dinner will be at 4:30 (and then a second dinner is normally needed) and sometimes dinner will be at 8:00.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  it doesn’t matter what time you have dinner; what matters is that you are spending time together as a family.

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Are you kidding me?

Today my 4th grader went on a field trip.

His packed lunch consisted of the following:







and a water bottle

Not only that, but it was supposed to be in a disposable container – so we found snowman treat boxes from the dollar store that looked something like this


Are you kidding me?  I wish I was.

Gotta go – obviously we are in desperate need of groceries.


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