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Step 3 – Plan your protein

Your grocery list always need to start with proteins.  

You have to get into your head what counts as a protein; here in the good ol’ Midwest we tend to lean towards beef.  And, yes, of course, it is a protein.

But, expand your thinking: include dairy, eggs, nuts, chicken, pork products, and fish.

All of these are ways to get protein.  If you are planning to cook on four nights, you need four proteins for the week.  So, look in your freezer and see what you have on hand.

If you pick something like a roast or whole chicken, depending on family size, you could get two nights of meals out of that single protein source.

Here’s my typical plan: 

one night beef


one night chicken


one night fish


one night left-overs from one of the above

To review:

write down your schedule for the week, divide your days, and now pick your proteins.

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Feeding a child vegetarian

No really, she says she is a vegetarian.  About five weeks ago, my 12 year old daughter announced that she was going to become a vegetarian.  My immediate reaction (internally) was ‘yeah, right’.  My immediate reaction (externally) was ‘sure’.

But, then I started thinking about it.  Wait, I’m in charge of all the food buying and prepping around here.  That means that she now has special needs.  Let’s figure out why she is doing this.

Here’s why:  because she wants to.

Here’s my answer: OK.

Of course, my biggest concern is that this doesn’t mean no meat and all sweets.  This means twice the fruits or veggies and a huge focus on where her protein comes from.

So far, we are both doing okay.  She has stuck with it for five weeks.  She gave up meat for Lent as a way to stick with it through Easter.  She’s eating/drinking plenty of milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, nuts and some peanut butter. So, I’m not worried about protein.  She is packing twice the fruits in her lunch box and eating a larger serving of veggies for dinner.

What have I learned….. there is no reason to discourage your child from an interest.  It doesn’t matter why she wants to do it as long as she understands how to stay healthy and that it’s fine to change her mind.  I’M PROUD OF HER.

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