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Dad is Great!

There are women who have been fortunate enough to marry a man who loves the kitchen.  Well, they all love the kitchen – the eating part!  But, I’ve heard that some actually like the cooking part.  The rest of us probably have a variety of help – a grill-master, a dishwasher or at the very least someone to order kids around to help.

Really, not many of us have a man who loves to cook for kids.  And how can we expect them to.  Dads have no time to remember who likes corn and who hates it…. who likes the apple peel and who doesn’t… who wants the crust off the sandwich and who needs it cut out with a football cookie cutter.

I have often heard moms giving their man a hard time (at least to their friends).  “He doesn’t help.  All they had to eat was “insert single food item here” the entire two days I was gone.”

But, I think this is only done in an attempt to raise our opinions of ourselves and our feeding of kids.  Really, with a bit of protein, dairy and some fruits /veggies – they’ll be fine.  Especially for a couple of days…

Dads – on this Father’s Day – we’re going to vow to lighten up a bit.

Here’s What I’ve Learned:  Dad is Great!  He feeds us chocolate cake!  (Bill Cosby) YouTube Video Here

For the full-length comedy bit – click on the piece of chocolate cake below 


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I’m Loved

When I was in college, my mom was in the hospital having surgery.  To pass the time, she copied some of her most used recipes onto note cards and gave them to me in an index card box.  It was blue and plastic.

I lived in a dorm and had no access to a kitchen.  I hadn’t even cooked much with my mom growing up.  There are a few classic pictures of me licking the beaters and such while making cookies or cake.  But, my main kitchen job was unloading and loading the dishwasher.

I cook much differently than both my grandmas and my mother.  Mainly, I cook less casseroles and ‘comfort food’.  We eat more fish and less fish sticks. Basically the difference between cooking in the 60s, 70s and 80s and cooking today.

But, there are definitely go-to recipes from that box.

I’ve belonged to a playgroup/coffee group for ten years.  We take turns hosting on Tuesday mornings.  I ALWAYS make banana bread.  My mom’s, and I assume Grandma’s, recipe. I don’t need to use the recipe card anymore – the recipe is memorized.   But I get it out every time anyway.

It’s a good thing I don’t need it – because this is what it looks like.Image

We cook for others to feed them – mind, body and soul.

This recipe reminds me every time – I’m loved.


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