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Guest Post – My cousin shares her dilemma

My cousin delivered her second son prematurely and shares the on-going dilemma of dealing with his diet.  I’m sure we can all relate to some degree.  


I went into motherhood with this great idea that my children would eat better than me. They would grow up loving vegetables and would request an apple over a french fry.


My plan was moving along successfully with my oldest, Logan. Then along came Reese…..17 weeks early.

We were introduced to a whole new world of food and just how much we take for granted the ease at which we eat. Initially, it was his lack of strength to be able to suck…on anything! With real food came the confusion with what to do with it in his mouth. After 2 years of speech and occupational therapy and finally 5 weeks at an intensive feeding clinic, Reese learned to move food around in his mouth. He mastered chewing at age 3, manipulating the food to the sides of his mouth so his teeth could do the work.

Once he could chew properly we moved onto fattening him up. Lackluster vegetables wouldn’t do so we added butter and oil to everything. He indulged in fatty sweets and slowly his diet became miserably unhealthy.

This was NOT what I had in mind for my children. The struggle to get him to eat something healthy with “fat” on top of it became increasingly tiring though. It was a little bite of pop-tart here and the brownie there just to get something in him so that he could maintain his place in the 5th percentile of the growth chart.


With time, those completely unhealthy foods have become the only diet of our 6 year old who still only weighs 35 pounds. While meals remain a constant frustration, I choose my battles wisely. I’ll give in on the broccoli if it means a pop-tart will add 5 grams of weight to his belly.




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