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Judgment Day

I have a Facebook friend who posted the following

“My life is a constant battle between love of food and not wanting to be fat”

And another friend who posted:

“I ate too much candy last night”

See – today is All Soul’s Day.  Or as it’s more commonly known, the day we all suffer from a sugar crash after over consumption of Halloween candy last night.


Although we can all relate to those above posts, it seems that as adults we would have a few things riding in our favor.  A few things that would keep us from over-indulging and suffering both physically and mentally today.  But, we are all so hard on ourselves.  Food has become this ‘weird’ judgment – almost a measure of self-worth.


#1 – we are the adult now; every day we can decide when, what and how much we eat

#2 – wanting to eat, actually eating food – it’s necessary for our survival

#3 – no one besides yourself is keeping track of what you are eating

Yet, somehow in this messed up world of too many meals out, too much processed food, too much obesity combined with skinny celebrities, we have turned the act of eating into another item to manage, to fret over and and be worried about.

When I started this blog, I subtitled it “Love to Eat!”  Why?  Because I love to eat.  I really love food.  I love the social aspect of eating.  I love trying new bars and restaurants.  I love CHOCOLATE – especially dark chocolate.  And I love to talk about food and write about food.

As I started to realize this, I decided to embrace the fact rather than to constantly judge, punish and be consumed with the feeding of me.

Having said that, I do worry about feeding my kids.  They can feed themselves but only with the food I provide.  And I’m trying to teach them life-long skills – good eating habits.  I’m trying to teach them how to enjoy food – the good for you variety and the indulgences also.  Boy do we love the sweets around here!

Here’s what I’ve learned: when I gave up worrying about judging myself, eating right got easier.

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