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This is Not A HOAX

“You ‘say’ that you don’t buy anything.  You ‘say’ that you’re cleaning the pantry and freezer out.  But, you also share your grocery bill.  There are a whole bunch of meals being eaten that you aren’t telling us about. This must be a ‘hoax’.”

Since this is essentially the week of coming clean, I guess I should too.

The Great Purge is NOT A HOAX.

Does it have rules?  Yes.

Have I shared them all?  Probably not.

Here goes:


The Great Purge involves purchasing no proteins (to be used for the supper meal);

The Great Purge does not allow for purchasing of any starches (pasta, potato, rice, etc);

The Great Purge is the main way we are eating all supper meals;

All types (fresh, frozen and canned) of fruits and vegetables are allowable purchases;

Proteins are purchased for breakfast (sausage, bacon, eggs and milk) and for kids’ school lunches (string cheese, sliced cheese and lunch meat, peanut butter);

Starches are purchased for non-supper meals (potato chips for kid lunches, bread for sandwiches, flour and sugar for baking purposes);

The Great Purge does not prevent us from eating out.


That’s the whole list.

If you are following #ByTheNumbers, my next blog post will focus on what I’m buying at the grocery store.

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The Family Meal

There is much research that shows the multitude of benefits that kids and families reap by eating meals together.

Most of the year, judging how much time is spent together at the table can be somewhat of a difficult task.

During the season of Advent, the family meal can easily be marked.

I remember years when I was afraid the first week’s candle wouldn’t last throughout this season of anticipation. As the kids have gotten older and we have more activities, I realized that this isn’t a major concern any longer.

For these four weeks, a visual reminder sits at our family table — beckoning us to slow down, (argue over who will light the candles), and enjoy a family meal.

They all count – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Below is our Advent meal time – marked by the four tapered candles.


Merry Christmas!

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