Using SNAP benefits and Public Transportation to shop

28 Aug

You’d think I hadn’t shopped in a month – not a week.

Monday was grocery day and I visited two stores that are accessible by public transportation (although reading these maps has proven difficult – I have tried to include the bus route):

Aldi on E Washington Street (8 Bus – IndyGo) and Walmart on Emerson Ave (16 Bus – IndyGo).  

If I am reading the Eligible Food Items list correctly on the SNAP website, there were only two purchases that I made that do not qualify: paper towels and a bouquet of flowers (a rare treat for myself!)

My purchase at Aldi totaled of $130.79.  That means that $124.31 was eligible.

At Walmart, I spent $155.45 with $68.94 being groceries that are SNAP eligible.

So, my total SNAP spending was $193.25.

This will feed my family of 5 for the next week:

35 breakfasts, 37 lunches and 25 dinners 

This only works for me because I have made a conscious effort to meal plan, read labels and try not to pass along my chocolate cravings to my kids (so far – not working).

I purchased 8 fruits and vegetables and 13 protein items that could be used as the main dish in meals.  And as you all have seen, we are a snacking family too – so there are plenty of cookies, granola bars, chips, etc in there too.

Help me to help others learn to meal plan, eat healthier and use their SNAP benefits wisely.  


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3 responses to “Using SNAP benefits and Public Transportation to shop

  1. Gai Meisner

    August 28, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    How long a ride and how inconvenient was using public transportation? Would you have been able to get all your purchases on the bus? Would you need to shop more often to be able to take everything home on the bus? How much would these multiple bus rides cost you? Could you buy diapers? Could you take a baby or toddler with you and be able to do this as well or would you have to shop more closely to your home where you could walk or stroll a baby? More questions than answers for me are still in my mind

    • KSeed

      August 28, 2013 at 8:01 pm

      These are all fantastic questions.
      Can’t wait to brainstorm this weekend about all of this!

  2. Gail Meisner

    August 29, 2013 at 12:07 am

    I think sometimes we, as a culture, are so easy to criticize when we don’t know what the needy go through. Perhaps no car, no one to help with the kids, no GOOD public transportation, no stores with fresh fruits and veggies near enough to where we live! No diapers with SNAP allowed (as I understand it) yet since we have to wash at Laundromat, we can’t use cloth diapers cause they aren’t allowed at Laundromat–many, many issues not all of us think about because we don’t have to deal with these problems!


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