Red Wine Stains

11 Apr

Red Wine Stains – that’s a fact.

It stains your teeth.  It stains your carpet.  It stains your shirt.

I’ve been thinking about this lately.  You see, we dye a lot of Easter Eggs.  I mean alot!  So many eggs that most of my friends poke fun at me.

We color one dozen…. per kid….. per house.

So, 4 dozen at my house.  One dozen for each kid plus 1 extra dozen for my husband and me.  And, 6 dozen at my parent’s house.  One dozen for each kid and 1 dozen for the adults to share.

My argument is that it is 1) fun and 2) inexpensive entertainment.  Eggs on sale at Easter are about $1 per dozen.  And you can get a PAAS dye-ing kit for about $1 too.  Cheap… cheap!

But I started wondering why I buy the PAAS kit.  I mean I guess I buy it because they sell it.  But really I started thinking – what should I use to dye eggs?  Would it really work to try and do something else?  I’m not that creative or natural or organic.  Would it be worth all the effort?

Then on Monday morning I got an update to a blog I follow –  I have friends who have rented out their house for a year and are traveling the United States with their three kids.  He is working for the company he owns and she is home-schooling the girls.  His pictures are amazing, the journal is fantastic and the experiences that they are sharing are incredible.

They had made Easter baskets – the old-fashioned way from grade school – out of paper sacks.  And they had colored eggs – with dye-ing type foods that they had around: coffee, tea, wine, boiled spinach, and cherries.

The picture of the eggs that he shared was strikingly void of color – but only at first glance.

I asked if I could share his picture. Take a look.


No, really, LOOK at those eggs.

These are perhaps the most beautifully colored Easter eggs I’ve ever seen.


What did I learn:  Red Wine Stains

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